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The 100% herbal medicine that CURED MY HUSBAND EARLY DISCHARGE & ERECTION ISSUE And How our sex life is back from the dead!!!

And now his erections last for 30 minutes to 1 hours….

Hi girls! My name is sonal and my age is 34. you might remember my earlier post where i shared about my husband early discharge & erection issue ? he wouldn't get perform & discharge in just 1—2 minutes of penetration.

We tried everything you can think of, from Viagra and other testosterone booster pills to yoga or that tantric thing. But — no improvement & I felt my husband was totally losing confidence. Resulting, anxiety & relationship issue were growing among us which further leads to quarrels & we were thinking of divorce.

Luckly, I decided to consult with a prominent scientist of sexology Mr Ved Prakash ji - BAMS, MD, Phd, where he said any man can perform up to 30 minutes to 1 hours by using special herbs extracts of Kokilaaksha, Irani Akarkara, Piper Betal, Brahmi Neer, Pipalli, Lavanga, Jaiphal, Amalki, Ashwagandha, kaunch beej, Safed Musli & Shilajit. He also informed me that these herbs are being used from last 3000 years & was used by kings of kingdom to control early discharge issue & you can buy without doctor prescription.

Mr Ved Prakash Ji recommended to take Max Musli Premium capsules, which are approved by Ayush Department - Govt of India after extensive clinical trials. It is GMP certified, Halal certified, ISO certified, 100% herbal with no side effects. This herbal medicine boosts sex hormone production and gives hard-core erection to a man just like an 18 year old boy and porn star.

Based on the recommendation by Mr Ved Prakash Ji, I found Max Musli Premium capsules from their website and order this product. I received the product with private delivery. I was truly happy that Max Ayurveda take care of my secrecy & even delivery boy called me before delivery of the parcel.

What is the result?

The product arrived soon, and I couldn’t wait for us to go to bed — before he fell asleep, I gave him 2 capsules with warm milk saying that it is just a vitamin. In less than an hour my husband woke up with a rock hard super stiff erection, and will you believe me when I say we enjoyed the activity extremely hard for 1 hour and 15 minutes ! Enormous delight, lots of sweat and shouting — a perfect ride, the best I’ve ever had.

The website says these pills should also boost my better half’s penis size, and that’s what we’re going to check in a couple of weeks. This medicine turned him into a wild animal in bed — and all for nominal price and without any doctor prescription.

So I can definitely recommend these amazing Max Musli Premium capsules for anyone who wants to improve their sexual experience. Don’t hesitate to use that special offer for Max Musli Premium .

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Update: As of Month May, 2019 limited promo units Still Available.


Krishna D.

I ordered this medicine and used for 2 month. Now I can feel myself energized and it also improved my sex desire.

4 minutes ago

Amar k.

इससे मेरा खोया हुआ आत्म विश्वाश दोबारा वापस आया है

पहले मेरी मरदाना शक्ति बहुत कमज़ोर थी जिससे मुझे पत्नी के सामने शर्म महसूस होती थी. अब इस दवा के इस्तेमाल से मुझमे सेक्स शक्ति का तोहफा मिला है अब मैं अच्छी तरह से मैं अपनी पत्नी को संतुष्ट कर सकता हूँ.

6 minutes ago

असलम हुसैन

मेरा भाई यूरोप में रहता है और उसने मुहे बताया कि ये गोलियां वहाँ काफी चलती हैं....मुझे पता नहीं है क्योंकि मैंने तो अभी तक ट्राय नहीं की हैं...

7 minutes ago

Ashok K.

My PE & ED problem has been resolved.

I completed by course for 3 months, now my problems for ED & PE has been resolved & now my wife is very happy due to sexual satisfaction.

9 minutes ago

Shahanawaz S.

We Both are satisfied

My husband and myself are having a great time. Thanks to Company.  

11 minutes ago

प्रिया मोघे

हैलो Sonal, ये वाकई में काफी बढ़िया हुआ! मैं तुम्हारी सलाह मान कर अपने पति के लिए एक पैक लेने वाली हूँ।

12 minutes ago

Ramkumar M. 

This medicine is a very powerful herbal medicine for me. Now feeling very energetic. We are recommending it to some of our close friends who are having the same type of problems.

15 minutes ago

Mrityunjay K.

Great Results from this medicine

I got your medicine through a friend of mine in Bangalore. I must say, it is a wonderful drug and the result is tremendous".

19 minutes ago

Ajit S.

Excellent product

Product has increased my testosterone level as well as sperm count production

21 minutes ago

सुनील प्रजापति

आप इतनी बिंदास पोस्ट करेंगी ये बड़ा हिम्मत वाला काम है ;) सच बोलूँ तो मैं भी इन गोलियों को लगभग एक साल से इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूँ और मैं बहुत खुश हूँ। सेक्स लंबा चलता है, मेरा पत्थर की तरह सख्त रहता है और लड़कियां मेरे पास बार-बार आती हैं!

23 minutes ago

Aijaz K.

I wish to express my thanks to scientist who innovate this product. Your medicine is really effective. The price of this product is very reasonable. Myself and my wife are really indebted to you.

28 minutes ago

Parbez A.

Powerful Medicine Ever

Very effective medicine. I maintained a firm erection within one hour. My wife is very happy from my stamina & timing.

35 minutes ago

A.Narsimha R.

Very good product. better than other Testosterone booster & Musli products products available in market

45 minutes ago

Abdul R.

My early discharge issue has been resolved after taking Max King Premium for 90 days. Thanks to Max Ayurveda

1 hour ago

Masood A. from India

No.1 in effectiveness

Max King Premium is excellent in quality & effectiveness, my early discharge issue has been resolved

1 hour ago

Arejmand K

Medicine is No. 1 in effectiveness & power. very high quality product

2 hour ago

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