We value your trust whenever you sign up with our firm. We ensure to take proficient care of your personal information and keep your purchase history, records and info private. Wahayurveda.net or any one of the affiliates won't be capable to misuse any personal information. Personal information is principally defined as information, which is related to personal, and while blending it with some other information, is capable of identifying the person. It includes your address, name, birth date, sex and telephone number. We'll gather some very sensitive information, like banking account information, debit card or credit card information and more. This very sensitive information is employed for securing payment procedures with your orders. 

We ensure to follow a strict privacy policy like:

No sharing of information:

1. We are not going to share your information unless it's for internal business purpose or for research only, our primary objective is to process orders to serve you with apt result. 

2. We prevent selling your information to 3rd party.

3. While purchasing from us, we believe that you're intrigued in our service and we will e-mail you with further detailed information on several similar items, fitting your requirements. You may even share a secret correspondence e-mail with us. In case, you don't want to get further e-mail, please unsubscribe your name from our email list. 

4. Your bank statement or credit card won't show name of the company. Even the credit or debit card won't show transaction information with our organization’s name. Wahayurveda.com won't be everywhere.

5. The name of merchant on card or bank statement will show the payment processing partner or names of the parent companies. 

6. We assure security of information and systems. Your data will stay safe with us, and our employees cannot get it unless needed. 

Other than what's stated in privacy policy, we are not going to use personal or sensitive information of our customer for whatever reason or purpose. By ordering our products, you consent to this use of your personal information, with us. 

How we use your information

  • Shipping address: It's used for shipping your purchase. You can alter it with different order and we will not send anything apart from orders. 
  • Telephone number: This info is employed for helping out the courier delivery person to reach you. The goods will reach you in a concealed way, making sure it hasn't been tampered with. Telephone numbers will further be utilized for confirming purchase and send shipping codes. Our management staff might give you a telephone to obtain opinions and suggestion for maximizing the quality of products and services. If you don't want to be disturbed on your phone, or want to reach to other numbers, e-mail us at support@wahayurveda.net 

  • Credit card information: This CC information is employed for transaction process. 

  • Email address: Should you request us not to, we will not send any further e-mail. As default, we assume your consent to send e-mail for:

Emailing you copy of order

Emailing you shipping confirmation 

Emailing you short survey of client satisfactory note 

Emailing for any “reminders” you Want to 

Emailing info related to new promotions or products on websites 

Emailing you regarding any interesting issues or facts 

5. Your billing address: This is required for credit card verification ONLY. Wahayurveda.com won't provide anything to this address. 

Gathering information 

1. We also like to collect info like any other company, but only once using comprehensive gathering coverage. 

2. For visitors: While you visit wahayurveda.net, we know someone is visiting us and not exactly you. We rely on numbers of visitors and monitor products or pages which are of greater interest level. We avoid gathering info regarding any specific person who visited out site and did not enroll with us. 

3. We ensure to pay your personal info by Privacy Policy with stringent guidance. We might share this info with 3rd party business partners and our noted vendors, only for processing your requests. We might share it to noting any complaints, regarding our products or services. 

4. You've every right to know info, which we've collected. You may even alter this info. For contacting us regarding any change of info, you can write us at support@wahayurveda.net . 

5. For making modifications, you've to prove your identification. This can prevent others from accessing files under your name.

6. We are going to prevent revealing credit card details on phone. If any issue takes place with credit cards, then our merchant bank will handle it for you.

7. Strict confidence is intended for client feedback. If you ever disclose the feedback, it'll be kept anonymous. 

8. In short, anything you purchase from wahayurveda.net, it'll be safeguarded strictly. The services are 100% confidential. 

Legal Difficulties 

  • If any transaction is concerned with legal dispute, we might request for info in form of opinion summons. During such instances, we might ask you to furnish requisite info. If anything like this happens, we will contact the clients first and inform them of legal obligations. 

  • This can be an uncommon issue, largely associated with credit card scams. Consequently, sharing this info will assist in safeguarding your business and account with us. 

Links to other sites 

1. Our internet site might provide links to 3rd party website, which might collect identifiable info out of your side. You may determine those pages in URL and those pages won't carry the logo of wahayurveda.net, on top. We will not take liability concerning coverage of any 3rd party website. 

2. Well, these links aren't required for complete transaction at wahayurveda.net. We make sure that your service with us remains confidential.

3. Our on-line payment gateway consists of vast history of controlling your secured payment transaction, in millions. Shop with confidence and make payments. 

4. Our site might offers link from advertisers, but we do NOT take accountability of all their services, once you've redirected your search in their internet sites.

 Merger, Acquisition and Termination of Service

If we combine with any 3rd party, the new company might use sensitive or personal info, you've provided us. If we cease that, then other businesses, offering similar services or products, will use your info

You'll agree that we have the best privacy policy in business. You may write to us in support@wahayurveda.net , for almost any needful clarification.